Event Dome Rentals in Augusta

Event dome rentals can arrange great events for you. All our rental services are cheap and affordable. You might be bored of events that are arranged in wedding halls and outdoor spaces. The time has changed, and domes have replaced halls.

Augusta Event Dome Rentals

Event Dome Rentals

Event dome rental in Augusta is a reliable and experienced company. We can arrange your events with a new flavor so that you remember them throughout your life. We are arranging dome events and providing planning services for a long time. Our experience ensures that your dome event experience goes off without any problem.

We have got all the necessary equipment such as lighting and other decorations that make your event special. Our geodesic event dome rentals are a perfect treat for your guests. If you are looking to arrange a party, wedding night, or any other event, our geodesic event dome rentals are just perfect.

While sitting in the geodesic dome tent, you can enjoy the bright sunshine in the daytime and beautiful moonlight at night. We can set up the dome according to your requirement. You just need to tell us the number of guests that are on your list. We can arrange geodesic event dome rentals of any size in affordable and cheap packages.

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Augusta Event Dome Rentals
Augusta Event Dome Rentals

Augusta Event Dome Rentals

Projection Dome Rentals

People get cozy while sitting in a delegation meeting unless they are not getting any promotion. A boring slideshow during the meeting inside a conference room is a dull practice. We can arrange your conference or delegation meetings inside a projection dome rental.

The environment inside a projection dome can make your meeting energetic. It is a new and engaging way of discussing your company’s goals and progress. We can make your meetings inside a projection dome rental into a fascinating event.

Our reliable staff installs everything perfectly, such as projections and displays. To make your meetings successful and engaging, our projection dome rental is the right place. We can arrange projection dome rental anywhere in Augusta with the perfect colors and designs.

Depending on your choice, we can provide 360 degrees dome projection service or projection at a particular area. The projection dome rental we set up will provide a natural experience to your guests. So, get in touch with us to make your next meeting interesting.

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Augusta Event Dome Rentals

Custom Dome Branding

Advertising or marketing is a valuable asset to help your brand grow. With a tent dome rental, advertising has become more easy and engaging. If you want your company logo to stand out and attract more clients, custom dome branding is a new and result-oriented way of making it possible.

We can make 3D custom domed logos of your company on your tent dome rental. We design your logos with materials that can resist any weather. If your company is throwing a party for its employees, we can arrange it inside a tent dome rental.

We will design the dome tent with the 3D eye-catching logo of your company. We provide the best design in cheap and affordable packages. With our custom dome branding service, your dome tent gets a high-end look that promotes your brand. The dome logos we design are durable as we use high-quality materials. We provide the best service so that you do not face any inconvenience during the event.

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Augusta Event Dome Rentals
Augusta Event Dome Rentals

Augusta Event Dome Rentals

Event Prop Fabrication

Event dome rentals display props can transform a space as large as it can be. We enhance your tent dome rental so that it looks spacy and attractive. Whatever the theme or idea your event is following, our prop fabrication will capture the attention of your guests. We are the best tent dome rental company that can construct theme props and fabricate custom props.

We can also create custom signage and paint sceneries to add to the beauty of your event. If you want your event to be a special one, our prop fabrication and creative diversity can make it happen.

Whether you want to arrange a trade show, wedding night, or an exhibition, our prop fabrication can add a wow factor to your event. Our prop fabrication service will take your event to the next level. Give us a call and get the most affordable and cheap packages to make your event special.

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Augusta Event Dome Rentals

Event Dome Sizes for Every Event

Our company offers a wide selection of small and large geodesic event dome rentals. Our dome constructions are suitable for all the events like wedding nights, musical concerts, and conferences. If you are bored of arranging outdoor parties or events in a garden, look for our dome rentals to make your events more energetic. With our dome rentals, you can create a comfortable environment in outdoor conditions. Here are some different sizes of dome tents that we can construct:

6 meters
If you are arranging a small gathering then, a 6m dome is sufficient for 16 people.
8, 10, or 12 meters
If you want to arrange an event for 60 to 100 people then, a dome tent of 8m, 10m, or 12m can hold that event.
16 meters
If you are arranging a wedding night then, a 16m dome is good enough to accommodate 150 people.

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Augusta Event Dome Rentals


Event Dome Rentals also provides full service event production services as well as providing equipment rentals. Our services range from simply delivering our audio rental equipment to your location, to delivery + setup of the audio equipment rentals at your event, to fully producing your entire event from design to execution. If you're interested in hiring us to produce your entire event, don't hesitate to give us a call and discuss details.





  • Rent 4K event-ready cameras
  • Rent Lenses for any occasion
  • Rent Camera Lighting Equipment


  • Can design & print your backdrops as well as fabricate any props / furniture
  • Can provide crew for setup / teardown and valet
  • Can provide all AV equipment needed for an amazing show for your guests.


  • Can rent event lighting equipment
  • Can deliver & pick up event lighting equipment
  • Can set up & tear down any event lighting equipment

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